Zephyr: A CGA Jam Post Mortem

So, after two long weeks, CGA Jam has come to a close, and while the end product was certainly...less than I had hoped, I feel like I had learned a harsh and well needed lesson about deadlines that shorter jams like Ludum Dare just don't teach.

At the beginning of these two weeks, I had been initially very excited, both because the theme of the jam inspired me (I found working with the CGA Palettes to be a ton of fun!), and because of the length of time of the jam. I had thought to myself "Wow, if I can make a prototype in 2 days for Ludum Dare, imagine what I could make in 2 weeks!" Sadly, my over-enthusiasm ended up leading to rampant feature creep, and I ended up with a buggy and unfinished mess of a game, with a ton of content developed not even ending up in the final product.

I do hope to make this game a side project after a lot of fixing up, and my first attempt at continuing a jam game (not counting the short lived attempts to revive Bytt Strikes Back) should be hopefully be interesting for you to watch as I post my updates. Apologies for the current state of the game, but I promise it'll get better...I hope.


Zephyr_CGAJam.zip 2 MB
Jun 14, 2017

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