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A long time ago, man had grown jealous of and violent towards one another. In their own meaningless folly, they had destroyed each other. But the gods were watching and pitied man. The last remaining survivors were lifted into the heavens and protected by the gods. For many years, man served the gods, but one day they withdrew into their places of dwelling, never to be seen again.

Maneuver through perilous platforming challenges and blast your way to victory against challenging bosses! Could there be more to the legends than meets the eye? Created for 2017's CGA Jam, Zephyr is a 2D action platformer heavily inspired by the "retro indie" feel. Apologies for the short length, things didn't go well for me over the two week development period. I plan on extending the game at a further date.


Zephyr_CGAJam.zip 2 MB

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