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I'm not sure if this is allowed for the jam, as I started this game before the Flappy Jam was even a concept, but I figured, hey, since it exists, I might as well try and submit. Unlike most "Flappy [insert word here]" games, I was inspired by Flappy Bird with a non-loose sense of the word. I feel that the original was far too empty and featureless, so at first I tried to simply make a similar game with more features as a learning sort of thing. It was just the sort of thing to jump-start me back into Android app development after being forced to learn OpenGL put me off for a bit and school kept me from jumping back sooner. After all, it's a simple game, adding to it shouldn't take too long, right. Well, soon after adding more content to the game, I still wasn't satisfied, so I changed many of the game mechanics entirely. It plays a lot less like it's inspiration now, and more like your typical infinite runner (not that its a bad thing). I'm still not quite happy with it, but hopefully this .apk will be enough to hold interest long enough for me to release an update with more content (that's how android works I suppose...). Here's hoping you enjoy Mighty Bird Force.


Tap the left side of the screen (behind the bird) to flap.

Tap the right side to destroy targets.

You can also tap the pause bu- err...I mean black box in the top corner to pause.


Oh, and remember, comment with any criticisms you have or bugs you find. There are a lot of features I've yet to add and bugs I've yet to iron out. Do NOT judge the game for what it will be however, judge it for what it is, I wish to improve the game as much as possible. I'll try to update at least once every two days, but no promises, k?

EDIT: If you don't feel like commenting on the Flappy Jam game page, you can also email me at therealgravitygames@gmail.com


Known Bugs:

- Targets and Pause Button have no graphics. (Well...not really a bug but...)

- Coins start at 1000000

- Level generation is a little unoptimized. (Think that's bad, you should have seen it when it was a lot unoptimized. Around half a second per object to be created is WAAAAAAY too long...)

Install instructions

  1. Allow installing of apps from non-marketplace locations on your Android device.
  2. Place .apk on your android device
  3. Use a file manager to select and install
  4. Pray that it's compatible with your device
  5. Inform me of any bugs in the game


MightyBirdForce.apk 595 kB

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